About SSR Group & It's Companies

SSR group is a conglomerate with interests in manufacturing, real estate development and trading. Founded in 1963 by Pt. Nek Ram Dubey (Chairman of the SSR group), the group is headquartered at Jammu with its corporate office at New Delhi. The SSR group is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Nearly 5 decades ago, Pt. Dubey envisioned laying the foundation of the group’s businesses and made it happen with his hard work, perseverance and foreseeing ability within a decade of formation of the group. Today, the group is one of the pioneering manufacturers of high quality Ferro Alloys, Calcium Carbide, Mild Steel Ingots, Writing and Printing Papers, and Medical and Industrial Oxygen. Being a diversified business corporation, the group has its business expanded to real estate development in Northern India and global trading. The group is involved in trading of minerals, coke and coal, scraps (non-ferrous) and Petrochemical products.

SSR group has been standing tall on three basic values – quality, innovation and dedication, which also form the basic pillars of the company’s progressive philosophy. The group aims to continue growing as one of the trusted and superior quality brands in the years to come.


SSR group is committed to good governance, which the group believes can be attained by following best practice standards. Best practice standards include various elements such as strict adherence of company’s policies and practices, maintaining good interaction and relations with the stake holders and serving the society as well as the nation as a responsible corporate enterprise.

The group companies can direct their workforce for the fulfilment of common goals by adhering to the group’s policies and practices. Thus, each company’s progress results in prosperity of the whole group.

Secondly, the clear and continuous interaction with the stake holders helps them entrust the group even in adverse situations. This in turn results in smooth functioning of all the group companies.

For the group, the best practice standards also mean indulging in fair business practices as a good corporate entity to benefit all associated with the group.

Understanding its responsibilities, the group has been endeavouring to maintain its effective and efficient governance.

We would like you to add something about Commitments and that we keep our commitments- to the clients or to the society .

Board of Directors

Pt. Nek Ram Dubey

Pt. Nek Ram Dubey is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the guiding force behind the successful growth of the SSR group. Former forest lease, Pt. Dubey, with his acute foreseeing ability and great experience, has successfully completed numerous real estate projects under the Rama Krishna Housing Society’s name. He is currently engaged in various other real estate and social development projects.

Apart from this, he is an active socialite. He is engaged in many social activities and has also donated for the social cause to various social organisations such as International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and Dr.`s Karan Singh(Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir) foundation the Dharmarth Trust.

Mr. Pawan Dubey

Mr. Pawan Dubey, , holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Jammu University. Mr. Dubey is considered as the entrepreneurial spirit of the group for his positive approach, determination and foresightedness, which helped the group to grow into a multi-tier company.

With his astounding business acumen, he went on to strengthen and expand the SSR group through acquisition and mergers. Just a year after the inception of Shree Sita Ram Industries Pvt. Ltd., he stepped ahead taking over Tawi Industries Pvt. Ltd. in 2000-2001. He didn’t stop at that and persuaded the board of directors to diversify the company in 2002-2003, after the sighting fall in steel industry. Thus, the group took over J&K Pulp & Papers Pvt. Ltd., a writing and printing paper unit. Mr. Dubey also helped the group to acquire another unit of Ferro Alloys named Surya Smelters Pvt. Ltd., which is located in Roorkee, Uttaranchal.

Mrs. Poonam Dubey

An M. Sc. gold medallist from Delhi University, Mrs. Dubey has a unique perspective that provides new dimension to the vision of the group. With strong business sense, she has been guiding some of the units of the group.

Mr. Tapan Dubey

Mr. Tapan Dubey, , Masters Degree holder in Science from Cass Business School (London), is the future face of the group. Mr. Dubey has been receiving constant guidance from his father Mr. Pawan Dubey and serves as a dedicated member of the board. His active participation in the business activities is looked up as a great opportunity for the group to further expand.

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